Why us

The "TOP 10": CLIENTS tell us they chose our firm is because  .  .  .

1.  Experience.  We have a 25 year track record. 

2.  We put it in writing.  Our engagement agreement states that our fee can be waived if your assets do not earn a net return in excess of 4% per year.  

3.  Honest.  Our fee is billed annually in arrears, AFTER you know your rate of return.  Not automatically deducted, regardless of your account performance. 

4.  Partners - not Parents.  We have over $1,900,000 of our own assets invested in the exact same vehicles, using the exact same trading system and online reporting service our clients use.  We practice what we preach. 

5.  Communicate.  We contact our client's at least quarterly (but you can contact us at any time).

6.  Transparent.  Clients can view their accounts online from a third party 24/7.

7.  Peace of mind.  We are licensed, bonded, and insured.  

8.  No surprises.  Flat, annually renewable engagement fee (NOT a marriage).  

9.  Security.  At no point in time under any circumstances do we have custody of your assets, our clients never give up ownership of the asset in any account.

10. Happy.  We KNOW there is more to life than money.