What we do

We are a Registered Investment Advisor with a 25 year history of providing a daily monitoring service for our clients conservative assets (typically retirement accounts).  We use technical analysis to actively perform tactical asset allocation rebalancing.   We specializing in managing Post-Retirement asset because those accounts are ideal for our capital preservation "strict sell" strategy that seeks to deliver consistent, steady returns by reducing downside risk.   

What the heck does that mean and why should I be interested in it?   

Because (unfortunately) there is no universal definition of terms in the financial industry, the first three sentences above may have little or no meaning to you   .   .   .    So we will try in plain English: 

We periodically (from time to time, NOT on a pre-fixed basis like quarterly or annually)  perform a rebalancing of your portfolio to (buy) and from (sell) 3 different asset classes: 

1.  fixed / cash / money market equivalent funds (they also call those "defensive" or "protective" funds) and 

2. bond fund indexes sectors (like US Government, Inflation Protected, Investment Grade Corporate, Non-Investment Grade High Yield, Floating Rate, International, Emerging Market, Global, Short Duration and Municipal Bond Funds)  —  they also call those "offensive" or "fluctuating" bond funds and 

3. stock fund indexes or sectors (like ones that try to track the price behavior of the S&P 500, Dow Jones, or NASDAQ stock indexes or reals estate, health care, mining, or mid-cap stock sectors) —  they also call those "offensive" or "fluctuating" stock funds.

REMEMBER: asset allocation and diversification simply TRANSFERS market risk, it does NOT eliminate market risk.  Click here if you want us to help you eliminate market risk.

We make the tough decisions for you   Conservativemoney LLC has a very limited trading authority to actively manage its clients assets in funds that mimic bond and stock index price movements.  We do not think we can “time the market”.  We monitor daily price trends for specific assets.  Our goal is to identify suitable times to buy, sell, or remain on the sidelines (in money markets) waiting for the next trend to present itself.  While no advisor can guarantee that these objectives will be achieved, the objectivity of our discipline helps reduce the impact of Human Emotion -- the nemesis of all investors.

Don’t all money managers do that?   Most money managers have almost all of their clients assets invested, even during periods of market declines.  Our service may, at any time, place some or all of your assets in or out of the market.  There have been extended periods of time when our clients owned only money market assets, the longest being for 11 months in 1994.

So you must be some type of “market genius”!  HA! There are NO market geniuses, only “temporary gurus” — firms that perform well because the current market dynamic favors their investment philosophy.  When markets change, new “gurus” emerge because this new market dynamic favors their investment philosophy now.  Our goal is NOT to be a “guru.”  Our goal is to adhere to our objective “strict sell” discipline so that regardless of the current market dynamic, our clients assets will always have the opportunity to either appreciate, or not depreciate.