We offer a "Trade Alert" service to existing clients and friends who are participants in the Sherwin-Williams  Employee Stock Purchase and Savings Plan Program at Fidelity.  We do NOT act as fiduciary in this capacity.  "Trade Alerts" are sent via a link in an email.  They are generated ONLY AFTER our existing client accounts have been acted upon, and it is up to the discretion of the participant to act (or not act) upon the "Alerts".

To receive our trade alerts, you first must complete and sign the  suitability and disclosure form and return it to us for our files (because we like our regulators and are not really interested in getting fined by them). Then, just click on the link in the e-mail from us to see the "Alert".

The fee for this service is only $50/year - regardless of how many signals are generated.

It is pretty easy to do!  We like to keep things simple for our friends and clients (not like other firms that try to make it more confusing for you — who needs that).

Different asset classes MAY have investment cycles with low correlation.  Your target asset allocation and diversification DOES NOT ELIMINATE market risk; diversification only TRANSFERS market risk to other asset classes.

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