"Hope" is NOT an Investment Strategy

"Expect tragedy if you have no strategy".  Our capital preservation "strict sell" strategy seeks to deliver consistent, steady returns by reducing downside risk. 

Multi-Sector  We invests in strategies diversified by market (bonds, stocks, and cash money market) and sectors (including but not limited to U.S. Government, corporate, short duration, high yield, international, emerging market, TIPS, and municipal bond sectors and S&P 500, Health care, Real Estate, Mid-Cap and precious metal / mining stock sectors). Because each sector has its own investment cycle, correlations across sectors are generally low, but please DO NOT make this common misunderstanding: *Asset allocation and diversification simply TRANSFERS market risk, it does NOT eliminate it.  Click here if you want us to help you eliminate market risk.

 We remove emotions and focus on facts.

Multi-Strategy Our multi-strategy approach of strategic asset allocation combined with active asset management diversifies our risk-reward profile and helps meet our goal of generating positive total return portfolios.

Multi-Manager  We continuously analyze, identify, and monitor sector managers who have the experience and a track record that will meet our clients' objectives. 

Many times we move 100% of our clients assets into money market accounts, sometimes we move 100% of our clients assets into bond fund sectors, and sometime we move some percentage of our clients assets into stock funds and some percentage of our clients assets into bond funds.  Our goal is to own (buy) an index or sector that is going up in price, and/or get out of (sell) an index or sector that is going down in price.  By doing this we hope to avoid losses (the financial industry calls that "risk management").  

Our goal is to achieve one of the oldest economic and mathematical principles: Annually Compounded Positive Total Rates of Returns.  If you are like us, it has been a while since you were in High School, so let's refresh our memory about what the heck Annually Compounded Positive Total Rates of Returns are by giving an example:

Portfolio "BH" (short for "buy and hope")  vs. Portfolio "ARB" ( short for Actively Re-Balance)

              +20%                     Year 1                              +9%

             +20%                      Year 2                              +9%

             -20%                      Year 3                              +9%

             +20%                      Year 4                              +9%

               4 Year Average Annual Rate of Total Return:     

             +10%                                                                +9%

Above is the return that everyone advertises.

Q1: "Which of these 2 portfolio do you want?"

Before you answer, we will share with you the information nobody ever asks:

              Portfolio "BH"                  vs.                       Portfolio "ARB" 

           Value of $100 at the End of Year 4:

              $138                                                                 $141

             Average Annual Compounded Rate of Total Return for 4 Years:    

               +9.5%                                                            +10.25%

A1: OUR client’s answer: "Portfolio "ARB"