Who we are

For the past 25 years we have been a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA): We have a Fiduciary obligation of good faith full and fair disclosure as well as a duty to avoid misleading or engaging in any activity that conflicts with the clients best interest.    

The Supreme Court in S.E.C. v. Capital Gains Research Bureau, Inc., interpreted Section 206 of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 

Our goal is not to be occasionally great  -- but to be consistently good.

We specialize in the analysis of ALL retirement income programs with the goal of presenting to the client their best retirement solution alternatives.  That MUST including analysis of the most popular retirement income benefit, Social Security.  Our Social Security Distribution Analysis Report can help our clients answer questions like: When should I start my benefits?  When should my spouse start benefits?  Which elections are best for both of us?  For a copy of a sample report, click on the Social Security card here


Unlike many other advisors, we treat the future with the humility it deserves.

There are many "made up" financial terms that are NOT clearly defined. No one can provide a service that is not clearly defined (example: "financial planning").  Like the old saying "Man plans, God laughs", your financial life does NOT follow man's plans - but life events require you to make financial adjustments.  We help our clients structure their assets to (1) "marry" expenses  and (2) "match" future potential liabilities.             

Do NOT visit this site if you are interested in a hot tip or to make a quick buck.  We are NOT a CPA or Attorney —  but work with our clients' CPA's and Attorney's (who, like us, are licensed, trained and insured in their specialty). We have provided investors with the level of experience and personal service of an established world class Fiduciary for 25 years.  

Our client account registrations have ranged from retirement plans (401(k), 457, Defined Benefit, and Defined Contribution), IRA's (Regular, Roth, and Beneficiary), individual/joint/TOD, revocable trust, irrevocable trust, and non-profit accounts.

Hey - Thank's for taking the time to visit our site!  If you like what you see, contact us at any of the links below.  If you do not like what you see, well, best of luck to you!  Check back in a year or two —  maybe then our services will make more sense for you.